Temperature Controlled Logistics

Overseas reefer transport

Photo PSA Terminal Antwerp


We always think of far and remote places when a ship is involved to transport your commercial goods. This is partly true ! Short distances are often price economically better off when using (short) Sea transportation. That is where you can use your supply chain consultant. Conport is in that matter your specialised partner, based on a vast experience in different modes of transport of (Reefer) cargo.

We are ideally positioned to put your (wanted) supply chain into our proven check for optimization. Depending on the location of your customer, the INCO term used, and the extra requirements or wishes of your prospect/customer, Conport will assist you in making the right and competitive decision in order to persuade your prospect to become the customer you were looking for.

  • A controlled humidity factor protects the goods against desiccation and weight loss.
  • AFAM(Automated Fresh Air Management) may be necessary if the air composition becomes important.
  • CA (Controlled Atmosphere) is increasingly used to maintain the quality of fresh fruit.


Every sea-port is a popular place to be, traffic jams all over the place are the daily proof of that. Trucks moving snail slow towards the seaterminal for a full drop or empty pick-up, combined with commuting people, in single driven cars, resulting in too many boxes on wheels on our roads. The future will not be able to digest the ever growing amount of cars and trucks on our roads. For that sake we need to be prepared, prepared to look over our shoulder, outside the box.

Together with Conport, you can co-work to investigate where inland waterways by barge, or the iron road by train could be a valuable option for your organisation. Do not sit back and wait till you are the left as the last in the long queue of desperates who lost their grip on their time management in their logistics setup. As far as most flexible alternative to the roadtransport of goods, transport by barge via the inland waterways is for most northern Europeans countries the way to go forward.

  • Road transport weight limits can be bypassed.
  • Less road traffic shrinks the carbon footprint.
Barge reefer transport

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