Logistics Excellence

Logistics and Supply Chain Training

In a world where everything has to be processed faster, people need to be productive as from the first day of employment, it is a golden advise to reflect on the luggage you internally have. If this thought is frightening at first sight, it is wise to consider to have your precious people the training they and the company deserve.

Conport bvba is a centre of logistics experience, where guidance can be given in the correct advise towards which training is most worthful to support your logistics processes.

Often we experience Sales people having the pressure to SELL, whatever it takes, but selling under INCO terms which are not in the same line as your payment conditions, you will end with a false deal, costing you rather than going for profit. Let us analyse your logistics processes and open up for advice towards specific training as support to your transportation, sales and customer service team.

We are looking forward to you contacting us, so we can start the analysis. Preferably we work on-site.

Conport Logistics Training

Transform complexity into controlled activities

Achieve logistic excellencs with developing and optimizing skills related to logistic processes, customs procedures, governement regulations, efficiency and structure. It is not about controlling people, but about controlling the way in which your supply chain goals will be achieved.

This training can cover many aspects of logistic excellence, for example tailored logistics, transportation solutions, correct use of incoterms, coordinated goods movement from origin to end, adoption of new transport opportunies, cost reduction.


  • Providing high quality transportation services to all clients
  • Simplification of the supply chain processes
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership
  • Improved response time on governemental, environment or technical changes
  • Logistic excellence and Contineous improvement are crucial to keep your business in pole position in the high demanding and fast changing logistic market.