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Port of Antwerp : Bringing your perishables to customers the reliable way, every day

What are the reasons your company should choose the Port of Antwerp to handle your cargo from both specialised reefer vessels and reefer containers? Professionals in the perishables industry value our unique position in Europe. They also prefer the Port of Antwerp for its vast offering of services and solutions. Everything we do is designed to get your goods to your customers more quickly and more cost-effectively, as well as to contribute to the streamlining of your perishable supply chain.

"Short transit times"
"Reliable connections"
"Unlimited storage"
"Value added services"

Short transit times

Profound expertise and productivity guarantee short transit times
For your perishable cargo, short transit times are crucial. Our challenge is to shorten these transit times in order to increase your competitive advantage. Therefore, most of the Port of Antwerp terminals have their warehouses immediately at the waterside, which facilitates a fast transit. The Port of Antwerp owes its outstanding reputation to its highly-trained workforce and exceptionally high productivity. On average, its container terminals allow 37 moves per hour per crane, which is far beyond the European average. In terms of pallets, it can handle up to 6,000 pallets per shift.

Highly-modern equipment
The Port Authority and its service providers continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment for loading, unloading and handling activities. Modern shore cranes discharge pallets smoothly. Ultra-modern gantry cranes load and unload container vessels with a capacity of up to 15,500 TEU. And every container terminal in Antwerp is equipped with reefer facilities, totalling up to 6,000 reefer plugs

Saving time and money thanks to combined inspections
Trade facilitation services such as customs and food inspection have joined forces to improve your logistical planning and to lower your logistical cost. Reefer goods can leave the port more quickly, another testament that the Port of Antwerp is a crucial link in your supply chain.

Reliable connections

Excellent connections are your gateway to a reliable supply chain
Get your perishables to their final destination on time. The Port of Antwerp offers you a high number of regular maritime liner services from specialised reefer vessels, from container carriers with a wide offering on all trading lines and congestion-free lanes with the capacity to move large volumes of cargo efficiently.

Closer to your customer
Being a deep sea inland port, every European destination is just around the corner. The Port of Antwerp offers excellent hinterland connections no matter your preferred transportation method via an extensive network of European highways, waterways and railroads. It’s also fast and reliable so your deadlines are secured.

Expert forwarding services
You can count on a wide choice of forwarders experienced in the international transport of perishable cargo. This results in a smooth flow of your cargo by working out the best and most efficient cool transportation solution for you- from necessary documents, and customs to inspection formalities.

Unlimited storage

Product-specific and automated storage solutions
We can meet your demand for an optimised supply chain by offering a unique integrated port concept. The combination of cargo handling, logistic services and industry offers you in-depth logistics knowledge and expertise.

Europe’s number one port for storage capacity
Antwerp is valued by the perishable industry as a prominent logistics hub. Its capacity of 5.5 million m3 liquid storage space and 5.5 million m² of covered dry storage space greatly exceed surrounding ports. No matter your specific storage requirements, the Port of Antwerp has a tailor-made solution for your type of product.

Enhanced quality in cold storage solutions
Your highly sensitive perishable cargo benefits from a large offering of temperature-controlled warehousing, totalling more than 2 million m3. Located in the port itself, it enables an uninterrupted cold chain.
. Storage from 20°C/68°F up to -25°C/-13°F
. Continuously monitored facilities
. Bio-certified warehouses
. Long-term storage possible if market demand of your product decreases

Automated reefer warehousing
As a pioneer in Europe since 2008, Antwerp disposes of automated warehouses for palletised perishable cargo, allowing for an uninterrupted and cost-efficient handling.

Value added services

Extensive services for your type of cargo
You benefit from the profound expertise of 200 logistics service providers. They are nearby to assist you and speed up your logistic process. Thanks to its extensive experience in the field of cool logistics, the Port of Antwerp can deliver added value and handle your cargo in line with your specific needs. Rely on this vast range of services including:
. ripening
. quality control
. sorting
. (re)packing and(re)palletising
. order picking
. stock management
. labelling
. stuffing and stripping of containers

Increased transparancy of your supply chain
The port service providers employ modern track and tracing systems, enabling you to follow each product individually. In addition, the port has a Port Community System through which different partners in the supply chain can exchange documents and optimise planning processes.

Source : Port of Antwerp